We have considered the final settlement of IP bills are handled by the admin department. As well information related to the consultant charges are also handled in this module


  • In this entry, inpatient advances and additional advances are captured.

Consultant Collection

  • Collection of special consulting charges from the patients are handled here

Consultant Payments

  • Payments to the specialist are managed through this option. All existing payables are displayed where in the user can decide to settle the same

In-Patient Bill Preparation

  • Final Bill Preparation is done here which includes the charges related to the room, Hospital Charges, Pharmacy bills, Canteen bills, Investigation Charges, Consultants charges etc.,


  • Employees, In-Patient and Out-Patient
  • Bill settlements are done here for In-patients, Out-patients and Employees
  • Option is provide to accept multiple settlement like cash, credit card, insurance, cheque and credit bills

Outside Bill Payments

  • In case of insurance claim, there could be few outside facilities (CT Scan, MRI Scan, ec.,) utilized by the patient and the same has to be sent for the insurance claim from hospital. In such cases, the hospital will reimburse the outside bills on receipt of insurance amount.

Insurance Bill Preparation

  • Insurance Bill is prepared against the IP bill. Option has been provided to prepare the bill as per the Insurance company’s formats and pre-defined codes. System will automatically verify the pre-approved amounts and make necessary amendments on the bill.

Insurance Clearances

  • To track the insurance claim bills, once the payment is received from the insurance company, the same information is captured through the entry.
  • So that, the system provides the information about loss on insurance claim bills (Like un-approved amounts, service charges, etc.,)

User Management

  • User rights management has been designed to ensure proper utilization of system resources by authorized executives only