In this module, all pharmacy outlets, floor management, canteen and stores are handled. The charges related to treatments and minor procedures of OP can be entered in this POS module. To reduce the data-entry operator work, there is an option provided to enter the complete charges for the In-patients in one short. Since, we cover the nursing station functionality in this module, we have also added the insurance related functionalities.


  • Indent can be raised either to store the required items or directly to supply the same to the patient rooms. For examples, medicine required at floor can be requested for stocking at floor. Wherein the medicine to be supplied to a particular patient, the same can be indented to the stores, where the request can be made to supply the same to the patient room directly to avoid delay in supplying the same to the patient room.
  • Option is also provided to generate auto indent based on the ROL definition for such defined outlet.

Stock Transfer

  • The stock transfer between the outlets is captured here, since the stock is maintained at each outlet. For example, the store issues some stock to the outlet through “stock transfer – outward” and the receiving outlet accepts the stock through “stock transfer- inward”. This reduces the data entry time as well, ensures the outwards are all accepted at the corresponding outlet as inward (The stock in transit information can be obtained).
  • Option is also provided to make automatic direct billing to the requested room while receiving the inward from stores at nursing stations at the floors.

Sales Entry

  • Regular sales bills are prepared at Pharmacy, Canteen etc., with filtering facility of items based on outlets. Option is provided to pickup the items from pre-defined templates. Option is also provided to raise the bill for OP, IP, employees and to others. For IP, the billing can be raised as either cash or credit.

Sales Return

  • Returns of sold items are accepted with relevant sales details. The credit amount can be either paid as it is or adjusted with the final bill.

Stock Adjustment

  • The stock at each location can be adjusted with proper authorization, i.e., the stock can be either increased or decreased directly

Indent Clearance

  • Some times, there could be huge pending indents, where the management may decide to cancel all pending indents and to start fresh system; where this option can be used to cancel all pending indents.

Hospital Charges

  • Various charges applicable to the treatment, surgery etc., are captured and option is provided to either accept the cash or keep that as outstanding which can be settled at the final bill. This option is mainly used for the Outpatients.

Day-wise Hospital Charges

  • This option is provided to enter daily charges of in-patient in one single short. This option will be useful, if there is no system provided in nursing station, or if there is a lack of man-power in nursing station.

Consultant Visit Entry

  • Visiting details of Special Consultants and their consultancy Charges are captured in this module. Option is also provided to edit the charges, if there is a request by the doctor to modify the amount. The master setup is provided to define each specialist charges depends on the number of visits and type of room (Like ICU, ward, deluxe room, etc.,)

Out Patient Settlement

  • In this module, the bill clerk can raise bill for the outpatient, where he/she utilized the hospital facilities. Option is provided to keep the outstanding on the OP bill too. Where this outstanding amount is automatically picked during their next visit.


  • This facility has been provided to get accumulated hospital charges as on date for an in- patient

Insurance Requisition

  • Once the patient has informed as claim bill, the user can send the request to the concern insurance companies about the admission and necessary information for approvals.

Insurance Authorization

  • Once the insurance company has authorized the requisition, the same is stored on the system. This will be useful to verify the current status of the patient, whether the current charges had exceed the limit or not.

Insurance Enhancement

  • In case of exceeding the pre-requested insurance amount, option has been provided to send the re-request to enhancement on the authorized amount with proper reasons and previous approval information.

Discharge Summary

  • Entire medical history is prepared for a patient including investigation, diagnosis, treatment history, medicines and details of Doctors attended the patients etc.,