In this module, the functionality of purchase department is covered. An unique option is provided to capture the quotation details, which is used to automate the purchase approvals based on the price and other terms as mentioned in the quotation. Based on the stores purchase request and ROL definition, the approval can be made by the system automatically.


  • Quotation from various vendors are captured along with the offer details, payment mode and delivery term.

Purchase Approval

  • Based on the purchase requisitions from the stores and quotations received, the system automatically selects the vendor and displays the details. Where the user can change the approved supplier too.

Purchase Order Generation

  • Once the purchase approval is done at different levels, the approved purchases are pooled together with respect to each suppliers, and Purchase orders are generated and forwarded to respective suppliers.


  • Once the account department had released the payment, the purchase department can key in the same information, so that, whenever there is a query from the supplier about the outstanding, the purchase department can provide information instantly without interacting with accounts department.