The unique system has been developed to have either centralized stores or de-centralized stores management. Customer can decide about their stores control. For example, there could be a common stores to store only the medical items and separate stores for canteen items. All functionalities related to inventory management are covered in this module.

We have also considered that, the purchase department is functioning separately and the data flow between stores and purchase department is also established in this system.

Purchase Requisition

  • In case of requirement, the stores department can raise the purchase requisition to the purchase department through this option. The requisition can be made automated using the ROL definitions. System raises this request after considering the indents requested from each outlet and the current stock availability

Goods Inward

  • The goods received at stores are captured in this entry. The goods can be accepted against either through PO or a direct receipt. As well information about the receipts without out invoice (i.e., through DC) is also captured, wherein the later invoice receipts can be tallied with this DC receipts.
  • Option to notify the offer item receipts

Purchase Return

  • Option is provided to return the goods through this entry.

Stock Transfer

  • Stock transfers to other stores or to the outlets are captured through this entry. Option is also provided to capture the return goods from other stores or from the outlets, so that the same can be stocked and returned to the supplier or re-utilized for other outlets.


  • Option is also provided to make direct sales from the stores. This option could be required rarely, in case of system problem or operational convenience, the sale may be raised at the stores. This functionality is similar to the sales module provided in the POS.

Sales Return

  • This entry is also of similar nature as explained in the POS module.

Stock Adjustment Note

  • This entry is also of similar nature as explained in the POS module.

Indent Clearance

  • This entry is also of similar nature as explained in the POS module.

Invoice and Receipt

  • In some situation, goods would have been received on DC and invoice is received subsequently. To handle such things, this option is provided to verify the invoice quantity is correct with respect to the DCs.

Debit/Credit Notes

  • Either Debit or Credit notes are issued based on the transaction related to short/excess supply or rate differences

Bill Pass

  • The stores department has to authorize the accounts department to release the payment for the bills. This option is provided to confirm whether all goods are received against the supplier bill (inclusive of offer items) by stores department.