With our wide knowledge in IT industry and having more than 17 years of experience in the textile industry, this unique product is designed and developed to cater the requirements of textile and ready made show-rooms. This is an improved version 2.10 of our existing TEXSHOW Inventory Management System Software based application version 2.01.

This software application is suitable for any size of show-room. Considering the various requirements of the shop owners, the generalized query based reporting system is developed to create any kind of analysis report as and when required by the management. The stock analysis parameters are as follows:

Section Item Brand
Type Pattern Style
Group Color Size
Design (No.) Supplier Supplier Group
Supplier Grade Sales Tax Type Month of purchase
Year of purchase Sales Price Range Purchase Price Range
Sales Price Purchase Invoice Company(Multi company)
Purchase Date Range And Many More  

Queries can build with the above combinations. Drill-down & sorting options enables the user to view reports with any combinations like FSN (Fast Slow Non Moving), etc.,

The other unique features of this product are as follows:

  • Sales can be analyzed with the above categories in a given date range. Graphical representation on the above said analysis is also enabled.
  • Break even analysis report is also provided with the above said combinations
  • Employee wise sales analysis and commission / incentive calculations are possible
  • Customer database can be maintained for mailing purpose. Anniversary day and birthday mailers can be prepared. Option to classify the customers under religion, occupation, etc., is possible
  • Supports Multi company / Multi user environment
  • Bar Coding system to maintain perfect stock
  • Bundle entry option will ease your purchase entry system
  • Purchase (Separate options for Readymade and Textile items), Purchase Return, Delivery Challan (Approval), Sales Invoice, Stock Adjustments, Bill Settlement & Daily cash balance maintenance
  • User configurable menu option, which enables the customized user rights granting system (Not only menu level; also into entry level like Add / Edit / Cancel / Delete)
  • Bill suspend and recall option
  • Monthly Sales Reports with Tax Type Wise
  • User defined port setup for printers
  • Special sales rate option
  • Automatic size difference rate calculation (Auto selection of center size) for ready-made products
  • User can fix the sales price either by giving MRP or by entering the profit percentage. Option to capture the festival discount details
  • Option to arrive the net landed cost by considering the freight and other charges
  • Setup option for the following is available
    • Allow Negative Billing (While Exchange)
    • View Reports with Markup / Markdown profit percentage
    • Allow Sales Rate Less Than The Purchase Rate at the time of sales
    • Default Sales Quantity
    • Allow final discount
    • Automatic Rounding off while fixing the MRP
    • Automatic Rounding off to Rs.1 on final bill amount
    • Allow Festival Discount
    • Allow Reference Option
    • Set Password for Exchange Option
    • Option to have billing with Tax Exclusive / inclusive
    • Option to switch VAT billing (On Bill Inclusive / Exclusive)
    • Default Size Difference Percentage on Readymade purchases
    • Avail Purchase Discount at the time of purchase entry
    • Option to Maintain Bundle Number, Order Number & Date, Order By details
    • Option to maintain Add/Less information on the purchase bill
  • Optional stationary setups (Ordinary & Pre-printed stationary)
  • User configurable background images in the front screen
  • Daily Cash Balance Maintenance
  • Data Merging, Stock Audit, Discount Setup Criteria, etc.,
  • Multiple settlement option (Provision to maintain the customers outstanding)
  • Option to have cashier wise settlement & collection reports
  • Role to Piece conversion options
  • Auto identification of supplier + company on purchase returns
  • Easy to implement