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We are a Leading IT Consulting and Software Services Company

About Us

We are a Leading IT Consulting and Software Services Company

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We Are Trusted by World Best Companies.

         Sivasakthi is promoted with the aim of providing feature-rich, user configurable solution to automate the customer’s requirements. With its perfect blend of technical, marketing and administration skills, Sivasakthi is capable to provide right solution at the right time for the right cost with right technology.

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Our Mission

To provide right solution using the latest state-of-art technology and delivering to the projects at committed time with optimum cost. Establishing pro-active support system in the organization than adopting support strategies based on the customer’s feedback.

Our Vision

Sivasakthi will strive to meet customer expectations at all times with quality deliverables and continually improve its service effectiveness to exceed customer expectations.

Our History

Our uniquely collaborative and passionate people work alongside our clients every step of the way—caring more, telling it like it is—to anticipate and overcome all the barriers to change.

      Sivasakthi has more than 180 man-years of experience and the management team is in the field of IT for more than 17 years.

   Sivasakthi adopts a unique customer follow up system, which helps the management to have a personal relationship with each customer irrespective to their size.

   Sivasakthi  has learned the process of effective Project Management and its Life Cycle including Case Study, 

  • Production Management System
  • Quality Control
  • Time Management and Customer support.

Sivasakthi   is having experience in the various segments like,

  • Production Management System
  • Buying House Management System
  • Supply Chain Management System
  • HR and POS


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Our success is vested in our client's successes


Sivasakthi’s competitive advantage from several aspects of our unique business model that include;

  • Our innovative approach
  • Full life cycle capability for Project Management
  • Our unique recruitment and Training model
  • World Class communication and IT infrastructure


        Sivasakthi has a dynamic and dedicated team of well qualified young professionals. The culture has been cultivated with the team members to address each and every customer’s requirement irrespective of the project they are working. The unique in house Operational Guide has been prepared and trained on the same, so that, even a new bud to our company is capable to handle the existing project within a short time.

        Sivasakthi conducts regular training sessions to help the team members to improve their technical, communication and management skills, which makes more commitment of each member to provide bug free and timely delivery of each project. Highly flexible and latest art of infrastructure with user friendly development environment helps the team members to work peacefully; which helps them to face any critical stage of SDLC.

Sivasakthi is keen in continuing the efforts on:

  • coding standard, naming conventions
  • user interface standards

which help the management to depute or assign any programmer to any project.

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Quality Assurance

          Sivasakthi has adopted a strong quality culture encouraging continuous quality improvement and process innovation for accomplishment. With its invaluable experience in both in house and field experience, Sivasakthi had designed unique testing manuals and provided sufficient training to each team members. For example, code review, user interface tests are conducted by the senior programmers on daily basis

    Sivasakthi invites experts from other companies regularly and provides latest methodology implemented in the industry to maintain the quality standards to team members. This system helped the management to bring all their team members as Pillar of The Company.

         Various testing methodologies flow from unit level to system level is adopted in each project. Sivasakthi ensure this through various test procedures including Top-down Testing, Bottom-up Testing, Unit and System Integration testing. Sivasakthi provides technical writing, editing, training standards definition and project management services to varied project assignment.

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