Analytics Mobile App

           Use our iPhone or Android application to view your mobile dashboard on the go.

         Our dashboards are fully responsive and adapt to any size screen.

               We Develop Analytic Mobile App for Small to Large Stores with good impression which engages the app users

Analytics for mobile

           We firmly believe that providing our users with a calm, intuitive, and efficient working environment is essential. By building a product that is neatly arranged and makes sense, we can help our users be more productive. The less thought that goes into how you’re achieving something, the more focus, there is on what you’re doing. And since there’s so much data in Dashboard, it’s important that we present that in a clear way,user friendly, to help our users navigate it all easily.

             Of course, before starting out, we decided on  Customer needs and demands: the new Dashboard had to fit in with the new identity we established in 2017 and form a consistent whole with our other touch points, like the marketing website. We also needed a design that doesn’t just hold our current features and functionalities, but one that will also hold any future features we might come up with. Another thing we had to keep in mind: our users range from One-man owned showroom to  Multi Branch Outlets/enterprises, and they all use the same Dashboard.

App Optimisation

           While we were at it, we also took the opportunity to optimise Dashboard for mobile screens. As much as 20% of our customers use Dashboard from a mobile device and we wanted to give them an equally great experience. In addition to that, at this point the header, the content, and the optional inspector get restructured. The title and page actions are stacked vertically. Below them, whenever visible, comes the optional inspector. Finally, the tables are structured differently to better fit the dimensions of a smaller screen. We think these changes give our users an optimal mobile experience while maintaining clarity and usability.

Wrapping it up

             That, in a nutshell, is how we redesigned Dashboard and how we used a sidebar, consistently recurring elements, and a lot of whitespace to create a clearer, a more consistent, and more intuitive

Build The Business Of Tomorrow Starting Today

Some of our deeds In Analytics Application

Next Up...

       We’ll continue to fine-tune Dashboard and our other features for clarity and ease-of-use. The design team will ship a new page on the website about Dashboard and its most important features. We’re also working on a page that highlights how our products and features can help globally corporations and enterprises. Our developers are working on some interesting things too, but we’ll let you know about those when they’re ready.

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