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      Our programs for supermarket and hypermarket management are an advanced tool aimed at providing professional solutions to supermarket chains, hypermarkets and self-service stores.

A Complete Software Solution for:


Inventroy Management

  • Purchase / Packing Material Purchase / Cumulative Purchase Return / Barcode Generation
  • Festival Discount / Rate Change / Item Merge
  • Tax Registers / Sales Man Incentives
  • Stock Ageing Analysis
  • Sales based Purchase Order Generation
  • Option to close NIL stock Batch
  • Multi Locations with Stock Transfer Options
  • More than 10 categorizing on item
  • Graphical reports
  • Purchase order to suppliers based on ROL
  • Production Management for Bakery items
  • Batch Management for Different Price Definitions
  • Interface facility with Weighing cum Barcode Printer
  • Daily Stock Clearing Option for Perishable items

Some of our deeds in SM Retail Application

Cashier Management

  • Multiple cashiers,Multiple settlement option
  • Outstanding reports
  • Unsettled Bills summary,Daily Expenses
  • Optional Integration with Gift Vouchers & Loyalty Card System

Margin, Purchase & ROL

  • Initially fix the profit margin you would like to get on products during purchase itself.
  • Repacking: Bulk items can repacked as per size order conversion factor defined.
  • Stock conversion: Items can split and merge into other items.
  • Automatic sales rate setting for each barcode or a category of items irrespective of change in purchase.
  • Get recommendations on what to purchase next based on sales period or on min & max quantities as defined by ROL.
  • Calculate accurate landed cost of the products you receive from your supplier by automatic calculations involving gst, all kind of discounts (such as cash, row & scheme and etc.,), free items given, freight charges and etc
  • Get recommendations on what to purchase next based on sales period or on min & max quantities as defined by ROL

Weighing Scale barcode

  • Instantly stick barcodes and bill for loose quantity item sales like vegetables, fruits and grocery items with weighing scale embedded barcode

Sales Management

  • Set price level for each of the barcode or product or brand based on customer type like Retail, Wholesale and Franchise
  • Easily convert sales order into sales bill.

SMS & Loyalty Management

  • Greet new customers, as well as on special occasions such as festivals, birthdays and etc.,
  • Remind your customers by sending them loyalty points earned, redeemed & availed from their last purchase.
  • Send a sales/purchase/debit note/credit note information to related customer/supplier.

Main server

  • Centralized main server at head office or warehouse for easy-to-use software that allows to monitor branch-wise sales, purchase, inventory, receivables, profit and etc.,

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