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           Manufacturing & Distribution Software is specially designed for Small and high Manufacturing/ Assembling units to High-end Manufacturing plants, by seamlessly integrating all transactions in production planning, costing, order management, purchase, testing, manufacturing process, inventory, sales, financial management, GST, excise till balance sheet.

  • Supports Multi-Company, Multi-Warehouse, Supply Chain Management.
  • Through Procurements, Lot Generation for each and every purchase of materials like, Raw Materials, Ready goods, Accessories, Packing Materials
  • Capture Debit Note binding by filling Returns of each stage.
  • Materials Issue proceeds with Bill of Material (BOM).
  • Movement of Material to Processing/Job work to do change the formation of materials from one Warehouse to another.
  • Job card generation and its operation movements with status of production.
  • Receipts / Returns of Semi finished materials checks by Quality Control.
  • Fixed / Batch Barcode Creation for Finished goods estimates Landing Cost, MRP.
  • Stock Management like Opening, Inward, Outward, Physical Auditing, and Conversion for Finished Materials/ of Accessories/Packing Materials.
  • Sample Outward/Inward movements of marketing executives
  • Order Management of Buyer and its Confirmation with Rate/Qty
Garment Factory Isometric Composition

Some of our deeds in SSMD Application

  • Order finalized with rate from various prices in Price List, with their defined discounts
  • Preparing pack slips for Pre sales with Schemes & Discount, Delivery Note, Copy for Transport and Auto generation of e-Way bill for Inward/outward goods.
  • Sales Invoice for Wholesale / Retail and its complains of corresponding returns (Credit Note) with GST & HSN / SAC Code
  • Quotation / Approval sales and returns, Way to do product Cancellation of ordered Customer Order
  • Make Credits / Payables of Cash/Bank/ Supplier , Journal Entry/ Other Receipt
  • Incentive Preparation for Marketing Executives or Commission Preparation For Agents/Distributors
  • Key Chart, Graphical Reports for Purchase, Production Process, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales & Stock
  • Summary report & document report are here to give each status of transaction entry.
  • Combine reports like ledger(Party wise),Trial balance
  • Various stages of purchase stock reports like Raw Material Stock, Production Processing/ Job work Stock ,Semi Finished Stock , Finished Stock, Ready to Sale Stock
  • MIS reports are available to support the management for view drill down MIS detailed report of Warehouse Stock, Sales & other analysis reports like Sales / Stock Analysis, Sales / Stock Matrix, Sales / Stock Statement,Sales / Order Comparison, Lead days report of Customer order, Lot/ Job card movements, Processing / Job work Analysis
  • User Rights can easily maintain by individual rights / group rights
  • Tools available to take Auto backup of database, Date Change, DB structure checking & general settings.
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