This Module helps the front desk to handle patient registration / admission, enquiry related to patients, complaint handling and doctors appointment. As well, the insurance process is made much simpler and ensures the fast processing of such bills


  • Patient information is captured in this module, where this information is kept permanently. System generates a unique number of each patient, where the same can be printed as bar code in a big label sticker, which can be used at any outlet (Pharmacy, LAB, etc) to speed up the data entry operations
  • System captures the information like patient name, nick name, address for contact and communication, referred doctor information (if any), complaint, patient photo (optional), MIS related information along with visit type (New / Review / Old), etc.,


  • Once the registration is completed, using the permanent identification number, the patient is admitted either as inpatient or outpatient in this module.
  • System captures the information like Room allotment, Complaint details, Diagnosis, Insurance Status like package or non-package etc.,

Outpatient to Inpatient

  • In some cases, after reviewing the outpatient, there could be a requirement to make them as Inpatient to continue the treatment. In such cases, this option can be used to admit the patient as inpatient without clearing the old balances payable during the outpatient treatment. This option will help the front desk people to make faster data entry along with providing good service to the patient.

Special Outpatient Consultation

  • In some cases, the normal OP is advised to consult with the specialist doctors those are available with the same hospital. In such cases, the patient can register themselves for Special OP. In this module, doctor appointment handling and availability information is handled.
  • In few cases, there could a requirement for the patient to consult only for Specialist, in such situations; the patient can be admit themselves as Special OP.

Information Handling

  • Messages – Information from the visitors of patient who visits after visiting hours are recorded through this module. The same information can be passed on to the patient and the passed information is also marked on the system to avoid repeat communications.
  • Appointments – Through this option, the patients can be fix their appointments with required Doctors.
  • Doctors Schedules – Information on Doctors availability with date and timings are maintained here
  • Complaints – Issues and grievances received from in-patients are managed here for necessary actions.

Rooms Management

  • Room transfer/Swapping – Based on the request by the patients, Room Transfer and Room Swapping can be done. In some occasions, the entire hospital rooms are full, where there is a requirement to inter shift the patient for their communications. This request can be processed using the Room Swapping option (Both occupied rooms can be interchanged)
  • Attender check-in/check-out – This facility is provided to manage allotment of rooms on request to Patient’s Attender

Diagnosis Add/Remove

  • Additional diagnosis details can be added to the existing diagnosis list of OP. As well option is provided to modify or remove the existing diagnosis

Claim Management

  • Information needed for Insurance claim is handled, who have not provided the same at the time of Admission