Slide Our ERP Wholesale Distribution Software provides tools to help you manage sales ordering, pricing, shipping, sourcing, and billing, letting you streamline your business processes so all your information is in one secure location.


Our Wholesale ERP's B2B is designed and developed to remove complexity in the business to business processes. Our B2B specializes in providing business process analysis and system design, technical expertise, implementation, training and support services.

Price List
Option to maintain seasonal price list with Cost price, Sale price, margin, MRP etc.
Purchase with Procurements and its Returns (Debit Note) with HSN & GST.
Stock Management like Opening, Inward, Outward, Physical Auditing, and Conversion of Material.
Stock Transfer
Stock transfer from one warehouse to another warehouse.Sample Outward/Inward movements of marketing executives.
Order Managment
Order Management of Buyer and its Confirmation with Rate/Qty.Order finalized with rate from various prices in Price List, with their defined discounts
Packing Slip
Preparing pack slips for Pre-sales with Schemes & Discount, Delivery Note and Copy for Shipping and Auto-generation of e-Way bill for Inward/outward goods.
Sales Invoice
Sales Invoice for Wholesale / Retail and its complaints of corresponding returns (Credit Note) with TCS, GST & HSN / SAC Code,
Quotation / Approval
Quotation / Approval sales and returns, Way to do product Cancellation of ordered Customer Order
Payables & Receipts
Make Credits / Payables of Cash/Bank/ Supplier, Journal Entry/ Other Receipt


Generate E-Invoice for sales, credit note, debit note via Online/Offline to the IRP GST system. helps to update e-way bill, returns invoice with QR Code & IRN.


Additional automatic tax checks range of each and every value of the invoice(Buyer).


The creation of SKU based on a set of product categories.

Reorder Level(ROL)

Set the inventory level to a place purchase order for stock balanace.

Summary Reports

Key Chart, Graphical Reports for Purchase, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales & Stock
Summary report & document report are here to give each status of each transcation.
MIS reports are available to support the management of view drill down MIS detailed report of Warehouse Stock, Sales & other analysis reports like Sales / Stock Analysis, Sales / Stock Matrix, Sales / Stock Statement,Sales / Order Comparison.
Tools available to take Auto backup of database, Date Change, DB structure checking & general settings.

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