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Inventory Management

◉ Purchase through Purchase Order.

◉ Purchase templates can use for Quick entry.

◉ LR details linked with the purchase.

◉ Quick Entry with more than 10 Categories of stock.

◉ Calculate the landing cost of the product.

◉ Old Rate Comparison of the product.

◉ Images can add to the product.

◉ Fix Sales Rate/Discount Rate/Wholesale Rate/MRP.

◉ Cumulative Purchase return with GST.

◉ Credit/Debit note.

◉ Stock Statement with Various Categorize Filter.

◉ Branch Stock Transfer (Inward/Outward).

◉ Physical Stock Check on easy scanning.

◉ Stock audit can be done easily.

◉ Scan and Check the Item History.

◉ Re-Order Level to maintain the stock balanced.

◉ Scan & Bill faster- QRcode/Barcode.

◉ Multiple Billing Screen on Same counter.

◉ Bill Hold & Recall.

◉ CRM integrated - Unique id/Mobile number.

◉ Various Discount Options.

◉ Sales Return On Same/Separate screen.

◉ Admin authentication- for Discounts/Returns.

◉ Employee commission integrated.

◉ Bill Settlement on Same/Separate counter-if needed.

◉ Payment Mode integrated. Card Swiping Machine/UPI.

Analysis Report
◉ Purchase/Sales/Stock Analysis report

◉ Period wise sales Comparison

◉ Product Ageing Analysis

◉ Graphical Analysis report

◉ Profit & Loss Analysis report

◉ Convert reports into multiple formats



Various GST Calculation. Tax split, GST Related reports.
Our Software Generate QR Code/EAN Code/Bar Code
Create offers like buy & get free, combo offers and discounts.
user-friendly touch-enabled.
"The stock audit is a statutory process which every business needs to perform at least once in a financial year."

More features for HyperMarket Solutions

Daily Purchase
Daily goods purchase like fruits/Vegetables with a single click.
Multi-Product Purchase
Purchase of Grocery/Stationary and Readymade goods using the fixed product code.
Weighing Scale integration
Weight-based products are billed easily with weight machine integration.
Rate Change
Modify the product Sales rate depends on the market selling price.
Stock Conversion
Combine multiple products into single units, Split the product into multiple units.
Production Entry
Making products with various ingredients.

LR Management

LR Bundles through Transport
LR Linked with Purchase
Bundles pending - Summary

Multi Location

Branch Transfer
Quick Inward/Outward
Branchwise Stock-centralized


Settled/UnSettled Bills
PayMode integration
Voucher redemption

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